Connect With Your People

What is Community Finder?

There are many high quality online communities on the Internet now, but they're not easy to discover. Simply searching doesn't surface many niche communities. Community Finder is a tool to solve that. Like Product Hunt but for communities only.

The goal is maintain a curated list of the best communities. Communities where the members learn and grow together, where members support each other and achieve goals.

How can I add my community to

If you're the creator of a community, feel free to submit your community to be featured on

Can I submit a community if I'm a member but not the creator/owner?

Yes. Absolutely. Fill out the submit community form with details you know.

Why did you make this?

I'm not a community creator. That's why I'm so glad there are many others doing this important work of creating and nurturing connections. I want to highlight their work.

Also, things changed for the better in my indie hacking journey as I found communities of others doing the same thing. I want to help others experience that as well.

The goal is to make this a valuable resource by maintaining a curated list of high quality communities over time.